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What Is Your Excuse?

What Is Your Excuse?What is your excuse that you are not financially free yet? Calculate how much money you have earned last 10 years. Where did your money go? Clothes, vacation, loans, house, car, food? These are all liabilities. Did you also bought assets with your money?

You didn’t buy assets, that’s why you still have to work hard to pay for your lifestyle. From now work smart and buy assets.Read more

Are You Working Hard Or Working Smart?

Are You Working Hard Or Working Smart?Are you working hard or working smart? Are you working on the left side of the cash flow quadrant as an employee and/or self-employed person? Are you working on the right side as a business owner and/or an investor?

As an employee you have less free time. You work hard on the left side, you get promotion and you also take more responsibilities. Being an employee you receive promotion for your hard work.Read more

Where Do You Want To Put Your Time?

Where Do You Want To Put Your Time?Follow your efforts! Where do you want to put your time? What is your passion? What are you hungry for? Put your time where you get the results. Know what you are good at and also know what you are not good at. Get support for the things you are not good at.

Keep your passion alive. Get fired up. Do what you love. What do you love that you are going to do to get more progress in your finances? Read more

Do Whatever It Takes To Achieve Your Goals!

Do Whatever It Takes To Achieve Your Goals!Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals! Have clarity. What do you want to achieve financially? Clarity is power. Don’t be afraid and think about all things that can go wrong. Think and focus on your financial dreams.

Trigger your imagination and write down the financial goals that you want to achieve in upcoming years. Be clear about the goals. Have your thought and desire strong. Allow yourself to dream. Have faith. Read more

How To Eliminate Financial Stress?

How To Eliminate Financial Stress?How to eliminate financial stress in your life? Are you sad, frustrated, behind with your bills, cannot afford to do the things you want to do, hard time paying your bills? Are you under financial pressure? Don’t you see a way out?

Financial pressure is a challenging situation. Feeling financial pressure is the problem and not the financial situation. The real problem is your thinking, your fear, your frustration about your financial situation. Read more

You Get To Be Hungry!

You Get To Be Hungry!You get to be hungry! Pursue your dream to become financially free. Use no excuse. It’s time to transform your financial life. Have determination. Choose your financial future.

People who are hungry are willing to do the things that other won’t do in order to have the things tomorrow that other will not have. People who are hungry have a burning desire to achieve their dreams. People who are hungry are unstoppable.Read more

Tips To Change Negative Emotions To Positive Emotions!

Tips To Change Negative Emotions To Positive Emotions!Tips to change negative emotions to positive emotions! When you are dealing with your finances and you feel bad all you have to do is STOP and say “I am feeling bad”. Take a step back and ask yourself what you are thinking about that you don’t want.

You are thinking about something you do not want in your finances. That’s why you feel bad. You are thinking about a new car and you feel bad. Read more

See Yourself At The Top!

See Yourself At The Top!See yourself at the top! What motivates you to take some action? Financial success is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the process. When your dream is big enough, you believe in your dream and know you are going to achieve your dream, the how becomes easier.

What are your dreams? How big can you dream? What do you really want? Whatever you want you can have. Ask and it is given.  Work on your dreams every day.Read more

Five Steps To Win In Your Finances!

Five Steps To Win In Your Finances!Five steps to win in your finances! Be excited and have a winner attitude when dealing with your finances. We are living in an excited time. There are a lot of opportunities around you. Have a long term vision.

Make a commitment to your financial dreams, to yourself to make your financial dreams come true. You want to become financially free? Tell yourself the truth. You can achieve your financial dreams.Read more

Do You Have Control Of Your Investments?

Do You  Have Control Of Your Investments?Investors who wants to win wants control. Do you have control of your investments? You have no control when you invest in paper assets as stock and bonds and savings. You have control when you invest in businesses and real estates.

People who think investing is risky invest in paper assets where they have no control.  If you invest in businesses or real estates you have control over your income, expense, asset, liability, management and insurance.Read more

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