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Monitoring Process!

Monitoring ProcessThe monitoring process is one of the most important steps towards financial success. If you know your score, if you know your progress you will know whether you are on track or whether you need to adapt your action plan.

If you are not doing well financially, there must be a reason. You can learn to succeed in your finances. To grow your money is a learnable skill. Read more

How To Get Started?

How To Get Started?How to get started if you want to change your financial life? First thing you have to do is make a decision that you are going to change your financial life.

Make a commitment with yourself that you will do ‘whatever it takes’ to reach your financial goals. This implies changes in the way you think and also changes in your habits. Read more

Passive Income Ideas!

Passive Income IdeasPassive income is income generated from business systems and/or  income generated from investments. Businesses and investments are assets.  An intellectual property is also an asset.

Royalties from intellectual properties as copywright of books, music, softwares or art works are also passive income. Read more

What Is Network Marketing?

What Is Network MarketingWhat is network marketing? In this blog post the question ‘what is network marketing’ will be addressed. Network marketing is also called multilevel marketing or referral marketing.

Network marketing is a proven business system with a compensation plan. Someone refer you, sponsor you into the business. You can benefit from the member benefits. Read more

How To Motivate Yourself!

How To Motivate YourselfFinancial freedom is a process. You learn when you go. Know where you are financially today and where you want to go. Take baby steps to transform your financial life and become financially free.

You have to walk before you can run. Motivation is the fuel that keeps you going. What motivates you? Why do you want to be financially free?  Read more

Investment Of Money!

Make your financial plan and take consistent action steps. Stick with the plan to realize your financial goals. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits!

Before investing any money simplify your lifestyle. Check where you can cut expenses (Internet, phone costs, insurances). Invest the difference between your monthly income and expenses each month. Read more


How to be a superachiever in your finances? How do you build the financial success you deserve? Most people are high potential underachievers and do not use their full financial potential.

Everyone has amazing possibilities! Most people achieve less than what they can and do not act on money making opportunities. Live your dreams! Dominate your own creation and enjoy the process!Read more

Brain Secrets!

It’s quite interesting to know how our mind works. You have a powerful mind. You can create your own situation. You can also measure whether your  mind works right. Look at the results of your life!

If your thinking is going in the wrong direction, no panic. You can change your thinking into the right direction instantly. Read more

Cashflow Quadrant!

What is your goal? Do you want to be secure in your finances or do you want to become rich and have all the freedom you deserve?

Do you already know which logical next step you have to take to go to the next level of your financial life? First thing you have to know is where you are NOW in your financial situation! Read more

Pursue What You Love!

There are many things in life that will catch your eyes, only a few will catch your heart! Go for your passion. Pursue what you love.

This is also the case for money making opportunities. There are many ways to make extra money. Own a business and generate passive income with your business. Read more

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