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How Long Can You Survive Financially?

How Long Can You Survive FinanciallyUnexpected events can happen in your life as job layoff. Then you have to face the truth. How long can you survive financially? How many days, months or years can you live at your current standard of living without having to worry about money?

What is your wealth number if you stop working today? You can calculate your wealth number as follows (savings and investments)/monthly expenses.Read more

Invest In What You Love!

Invest In What You LoveInvest in what you love. Inspiration comes when you do what you love. You get inspired to achieve more. You do what you love. You get strength, energy and focus.

In tough times, you will get the courage and will power and do whatever it takes. This is the magic that occurs when you are doing something that is of great importance to you. The same is true in the investing world. Read more

Different Types Of Income!

Different Types Of IncomeA part of your financial education is to understand the financial terms. There are different types of income. Understand the different types of income as earned income, worked income, investment income, passive income, other income.

Income puts money into your pocket. The different types of income are for different types of people with different ideas, attitude and mindset about money. Read more

Have Courage To Pursue Your Dreams!

Have CourageHave courage to pursue your financial dreams. Have courage when working on your finances. Always spend your time wisely. Courage is when you acknowledge what is important and must be done. Courage does not mean the absence of fear.

Courage is to master fear. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Your heart and intuition know what is important for you. Read more

Things You Need To Know!

Things You Need To KnowWhat are the things you need to know when monitoring the progress in your finances? Monitoring the progress of the critical factors as income, savings, investments, living expenses and debt to achieve financial freedom is a long term strategy.

You need to have a long term strategy to win in your financial life. Implement this long term strategy to achieve financial freedom. Read more

7 Reasons Why To Manage Your Finances!

Seven Reasons Why To Manage Your Finances7 reasons why to manage your finances! Do you have the best of intentions when it comes to managing your finances?  Energy flows where attention goes.

To attract more positive in your financial life start managing your money with positive energy. One of the most important financial decisions you can make is to make your finances your number one priority. Read more

What Is Asset Allocation?

Allocate Your AssetsWhat is asset allocation? When you invest allocate your investment in the following buckets: security bucket, growth bucket and dream bucket. Start with a small amount when you start investing. Start to invest in the security bucket first.

Define a financial goal that when you receive your monthly income no matter what you invest the amount in the security bucket. Read more

Analyze Your Fears!

Analyze Your FearsEveryone has fear. How you handle your fear is important. Analyze your fears with respect to money. Fear of losing money. Fear is a poor state of mind. Fear destroys your imagination, your ability to dream big.

Fear destroys your enthusiasm, ambition and fear leads to procastination. Face your fears. What do you fear the most?Read more

Control Your Thoughts!

Control Your ThoughtsControl your thoughts around money and investing. Focus on acquiring assets to increase your cash flow. It’s not what you have to do that needs to change first. You have to change your thinking first.

Do you want to think that acquiring assets is easy or that acquiring assets is hard? Are you looking for opportunities or you only see obstacles? Read more

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