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Change From Comfort And Security To Freedom!

Change From Comfort And Security To Freedom!Change from comfort and security to freedom! The path of leaving the comfort and security of being an employee or self-employed person to building your own system as a business owner or investor is a process.

The core values, beliefs and skills are different for the different type of people. Face your fears and other negative emotions as self-doubt. Create other thoughts to encourage you as think clearly, keep an open mind and keep going.Read more

Practical Ideas, Strategies And Techniques!

Practical Ideas, Strategies And Techniques!Practical ideas, strategies and techniques to manage your finances. Gain clarity about your financial goals to lead you to financial success. Enjoy more free time, more money. You deserve it!  “When the why gets stronger, the how gets easier” ~Jim Rohn~

Clarity about your goals is good to make better financial decisions on purchases and investments. No one else can come up with the right answers for you.Read more

Think Differently!

Think Differently!Think Differently! Are you ready to bring your finances to the next level? If you want to transform your financial life you have to think differently over and over again. Give your finances more attention to get better results.

If you just keep doing the same, thinking the same, you will get the same results. Are you in control of your spending? Do you actively monitor the progress of your finances? Know your score! Read more

Make A Massive Financial Action Plan!

Make Massive Financial Action Plan!Make a massive financial action plan with all the activities you plan to take to achieve your financial goals. Focus on what is most important to you. Think of activities that come to your mind and that will help you achieve your desires.

I want to pay myself first every time I receive income. The actions you take are: make an automatic transfer of a specific amount to your financial freedom account.Read more

Tips About Financial Goal Setting!

Tips About Financial Goal Setting!Tips about financial goal setting! A financial goal is a strong statement of your belief that you can and will achieve it. You have to have a burning desire and believe that you can and will achieve your financial goal.

Setting financial goals are critical for your financial success. Your financial goals must be in writing. Decide exactly what you want. Be specific.Read more

Be Your Own Financial Advisor!

Be Your Own Financial Advisor!Be your own financial advisor! You can have the support and encouragement of other people who have done what you want. Finally, you have to make your own decisions. Expand your thinking. Raise your financial intelligence.

Solve financial challenges. A financial challenge can create an opportunity if you are open to spot the opportunity. Challenges are chances to greater achievement.  Read more

Are Investments Risky?

Are Investments Risky?Are investments risky? Whether you invest in a business, real estate or other investment the higher the return the better. Higher return tells you that your money is working hard for you. Own a golden goose that lays golden eggs.

The return of the investment is calculated as the annual income from the investment divided by the cash you invested. The annual income is also called cash-flow. Read more

How Can I Do This?

How Can I Do This?How can I do this? Ask powerful questions to get powerful answers. You will open your mind for new possibilities by asking powerful questions and your attitude towards money will change. As Napoleon Hill said: “Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”

Decide which type of asset is the best fit for you. Which type of asset best fits your values and what you want to achieve in your finances? Read more

Let Go Of The Old Ideas!

Let Go Of Old Ideas!Let go of the old ideas. If you want to get on the path to financial freedom  and win in your financial life,  you have to let go the old ideas that are not serving you. Right now you have, worthless old ideas in your head stopping you to achieve what you want.

Conquer these old ideas and you will conquer anything you want. Have the mindset of rich and successful people have to accumulate wealth. Read more

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