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My Book Is Available At Largest Bookstore On Curaçao Now!

My book is available now at the largest bookstore on my home island Curaçao, Mensing Caminada!!!!

People are loving my book ’37 Powerful Ways To Great Lifestyle And Financial Security’. As a Chartered Accountant and international authority on Passive Wealth Coaching, I love helping people with a giant strategic vision and plan for more results, profitability and multiple streams of passive wealth, so they can live the life they want and deserve. If you are not living on Curaçao you can order the physical book and the book will be sent to you.

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Triple Your Results In The Next 12 Months!

FREE Coaching. Shadeska Nicolina is Chartered Accountant and International leading authority on Passive Wealth Coaching, with more than 15 years of experience in different businesses and different industries. She has spoken to crowds in North America and in Europe and has shared the stage with World’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach, JT Foxx who is her business coach, celebrities and the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Shadeska Nicolina has been interviewed by Robbie Schouten in the TV program ‘Leu for di Kas’, which has been broadcasted to the ABC Caribbean islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. Shadeska Nicolina has also been interviewed for the TV station, TV Direct of Curaçao. She has won two business awards, the Wealth Workout Award in Los Angeles and the Innovative Business Award in The Netherlands. Shadeska Nicolina empowers entrepreneurs all over the world to build, grow and keep their wealth.

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Investments mean that you spend your money today and hope to gain the financial benefits later. You can invest in other businesses, in many other assets. In Shadeska Nicolina’s step-by-step system to build multiple streams of passive income she dive deep in all the types of investments so you can go from Financial Scarcity, to Financial Security, Financial Independence to Financial Freedom.

  • With the right guidance and proper validation from an award-winning expert, Shadeska Nicolina’s step-by-step system to build multiple streams of passive income offers the best launch pad to take your remarkable ideas off the ground. You can finally assess your circumstances and change your life for the better. No more wasting time and money.
  • Through the step-by-step system you get to learn effective ways to use your time in a productive manner while turning your past failure into a valuable learning experience. This is the only industry program lead by a highly skilled Chartered accountant who is also a successful Business coach with years of experience.
Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, Rock ‘n Roll Legend from KISS, Shadeska Nicolina and JT Foxx, World’s nr. 1 Wealth Coach

Save Money

We are different people with different goals in life. No matter what your vision is, saving and investing must be a part of your financial strategy. Some people save for a vacation, other for a great business and financial education. Shadeska Nicolina’s step-by-step system to build multiple streams of passive income cover this subject of saving. In the step-by-step system to go from Financia Scarcity, to Financial Security, to Financial Independence and Financial Freedom you will:

  • Discover the successful and highly-recognized time management strategies to put your life on track. These are fun and inspiring tips designed with a purpose to optimize your efforts according to the larger plan, without needing to reinvent the wheel each time. Practical knowledge to put you on the right path!
  • Learn to avoid the most common budget-crushing misconceptions about the psychology of a “perfect financial strategy”. This is, without doubt, the biggest benefit of working with a top-of-the-line Chartered accountant by your side.
  • Learn lesser-known strategies that can be mastered quickly, so you don’t have to waste years “paying your dues” and worry about your support system for the old-age. The aim is to offer more than enough free time to spend with people that actually matter. These are the “inside secrets” from an award-winning specialist.
Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg, Actor, Producer and Business man, Shadeska Nicolina and JT Foxx


Budgeting is making a plan on how you are going to spend your money, so you can grow your money. It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep in your bankaccount. Have a personal budget and also a business budget. Pay yourself every month first. Use your money for things that are important for you and that bring you closer to your vision. In Shadeska Nicolina’s step-by-step system of creating multiple streams of passive income, she covers money management, budgeting, paying yourself first, debt management, growing your money and business, starting your own business. This systems is a step-by-step system to go from Financial Scarcity, to Financial Security, to Financial Independence and to Financial Freedom.

  • Life lessons from a world-class finance expert that will surely change how you look at money for the rest of your life and saves you from pouring in precious hours (and dollars!) in failed ventures that never take off.
  • Life-changing mindset shifts from an experienced passive wealth coach to get away from low pay and lousy clients. Finally develop a step-by-step path towards a great income, a solid reputation, and channels of income that flow like water to finally release your inner entrepreneur.


Debt Free

Financial Freedom implies also being debt free. Debts as student loan, car loans, bank loans and other loans feels like heavy weight on your shoulder. Face your challenges with head up. You don’t have to do it alone.  Hire a coach to help you manage your money, concluding debt management. You need to prioritize your payments and have a pro active attitude.

  • Learn from an established expert to save you from long dark nights stressing over whether the next business move will determine the fate of entrepreneurial plans you envisioned for yourself. You don’t have to make huge financial mistakes to learn the important life lessons!
  • Get one-on-one personal attention to know the exact difference between skills that make you a great human being and skills that make you a successful business person. These are the “big” changes to ensure that no one takes advantage of your “niceness”.
  • Take time-tested actions to validate and confidently set a specific plan to acquire the money, the work, and the reputation you deserve – so you can stop wasting time complaining about your financial situation. These are the proven financial tactics that always work. Be ready for some eye-opening experiences!
strategies financial freedom

strategies financial freedom


Money management is the process of managing your money. Money management includes controlling your expenses, budgeting, savings, investing and many more. The purpose of money management is to grow your money and keep more money in your bankaccount. Have a plan to grow your money. Know where your money is going. Do you spend your money wisely on things that bring you closer to your vision and goals? Are you money concious or you spend your money without thinking if what you have bought is necessary?

Shadeska Nicolina has created a step-by-step system to go from Financial Scarcity, to Financial Security, Financial Independence and Financial Freedom. She can help you in with a plan to make your vision a reality.

  • Get a world-class coaching and training from an industry pro and avoid the constant feeling of self-doubt to become a real innovator even if you have no experience, no college degree, and no network. Learn the art and science of discovering new business opportunities. These are the hidden “revenue generators” many new business owners don’t know about!
  • Develop practical and very specific skills from a high-quality coach that will help you move forward with confidence knowing you have “something” that people will buy – so you don’t have to barely survive doing unexciting jobs that you absolutely hate.
  • Time-tested systems from an experienced business coach designed to show you the exact steps for increasing your income. Strategize the financial life that you always looked for (that too within a well-defined time frame.)




Passive income is income resulting from cash flow that you receive regularly, can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly without having to work. You only need to maintain the passive income, once you have built it. There are many ways to build multiple passive income streams. You can generate passive income from rental properties, investing in other profitable business, create your own online programs and automate the selling process. Building a passive income requires some level of effort, not a continuous effort. Put your energy and time to build your passive income system, you will enjoy it for life.

  • Find the best way to gain practical financial knowledge for sustainable profitability while developing the clear-cut mindset you need to hit your financial goals (no matter how badly you’re failing today.) With a multiple award-winning finance specialist at your side, take the guesswork out of your daily life!
  • With a top finance expert as your guide, you get to keep a perfect balance between your monthly budget and expenses and create a solid strategy working with a niche leader who has a proven track record. This is your time to discover how top income earners make a profit by developing multiple streams of passive income.
  • Let Shadeska Nicolina support and coach you with her step-by-step proven system to remove the painful worries about whether you have the needed skills to compete with more experienced and well-trained entrepreneurs. A world-class preparation to live a rich life and earning more money while doing less work (coming directly from a financial pro.).

Growing Business

Growing your business comes with challenges. As your business grow you will get more challenges and also opportunities. What worked a year ago will not mean it will work now. Keep investing in yourself. Keep growing as a person and also keep growing your business. A coach will help you minimize your risk and mistakes. You will not see your own blind spots. A coach will push you harder over your limit then if you go alone.

In the process of growing your business, hire the right people. Even if you are a start up make sure you delegate and have a person doing the transactional activities in your business for you. Hire people that are passionate about their job.

Have a great customer experience. You heard of the saying customers are king? Happy customers mean more growth, revenue and profit. Innovate in your business. Keep improving what you are doing. Think ahead and be moves ahead from your competition. In business there are many business developments aspects. A coach can help you have a great foundation.

  • Every aspect of business development is to serve only one goal – to help you build the momentum you need to achieve your ideal financial life without losing the focus at any stage.
  • Get the highest quality coaching service from a well-known expert to find out the most common confidence-killing situations that stop most entrepreneurs before they even begin – and replace it with confidence-building measures. Probably the only way to save time, energy, and money!
  • Shadeska Nicolina shares her knowledge to create your own personal financial blueprint that will increase your monthly cash-flow. The “highly personalized strategy” includes how to begin planning your finances, all the way through to the finished money goals at the end of the year.
  • With the powerful advice from a highly acclaimed public speaker, devise an unique plan of action that works well while you constantly grow your business, without burning out and feeling unhappy. You’ll know when your financial planning is successful when you’re living a life you enjoy.


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