What Is Your Excuse?
What Is Your Excuse?

What Is Your Excuse?What is your excuse that you are not financially free yet? Calculate how much money you have earned last 10 years. Where did your money go? Clothes, vacation, loans, house, car, food? These are all liabilities. Did you also bought assets with your money?

You didn’t buy assets, that’s why you still have to work hard to pay for your lifestyle. From now work smart and buy assets.

If you don’t have enough money to buy assets, manage your money and save a fixed amount every month to buy assets. Follow the money management system.

Divide your money in accounts for several purposes as necessities, long-term savings for a vacation, a car or pay off your debt, financial freedom account to start investing your money or to start your own business. You have to have the right money management system to become financially free. Manage the money you earn.

Love learning to become financially free

Love learning to become financially free. Get control of your own situation. Be an active learner and take control of your financial future. Invest in your financial education. Go to seminars and learn from the best. Learn from people who have valuable knowledge that will make you become financially free. Develop liquidity.

Find a balance of developing liquidity and paying off your debt. Have the habit to follow the money management system. Do not use every income you receive to pay off your debt. This way of thinking is a huge mistake.

Even if you have a lot of debts now you can achieve financial freedom. Master money. Spend less than you earn. Have self-discipline. Becoming financial free is true wealth. True wealth is time and freedom.

Freedom means doing what you want with your time and when you want without worrying about money. Be in control  of your money and spend less than you earn. Resonate feelings of wealth. See wealth and be grateful for all the things you already have. See beauty in all the things that you have. Opportunities to make money will find you.

Move towards what you want. Have clarity about what you want. What do you want in your life right now? What is your mission? What is your gift to the world? Resonate your intention. Universe has to give it to you.

For your financial success!

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