What Is Financial Coaching?
What Is Financial Coaching?

What Is Financial Coaching?What is financial coaching? It’s your support system to achieve your financial dreams. A financial coach is a person you can trust, respect and receive feedback from. A financial coach will support you to achieve your financial dreams.

A financial coach will help you closing the gab between where you are financially right now to where you want to go. You can count on  your coach. Your coach will empower you to go for your financial dreams.

Your support system

Who else can support you? What about your partner? Does your partner support you? What about your mom and dad, do they encourage you to follow your financial dreams?  Have people close to you who you know will give you support when you need support.

Get your why and desire strong. This is the reason that you want to achieve your financial dreams. Your why will keep you going. With a strong why you will not have an excuse to quit. A financial coach is a person who guides, teaches you and who you can call when you go off course.

A financial coach works with you towards a specific financial outcome. You will set a financial goal and make a plan with the action steps to work towards your financial goal. In the financial plan you include the action steps and when you are going to take the action steps.

A financial coach will hold you accountable in the financial coaching process to do specifically what you have said you will do and also when you said you will do it. A financial coach also works with you to have empowering thoughts and emotions around money and investing and also make financial decisions that are congruent with your financial goals.

A financial coach monitors your progress. Are you on track? In order to get the financial results you want you have to do what it takes. Move out of your comfort-zone. Get uncomfortable and push yourself harder. Set yourself to win in your financial life. A financial coach can support you in the financial coaching process.

For you financial success!

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