Translating Vision Into Reality!
Translating Vision Into Reality!

Translating vision into reality by enabling people to make more money! Your Passive Income Coach, Shadeska Nicolina has announced that she will be increasing the influx of her training and coaching to change more and more lives every day. She has been regularly speaking and attending several business and social events.

Her interactions at such gatherings are done primarily alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment and coaching industry. Her coaching aims primarily at the financial education and empowerment of business to the next level.

“It’s important that everyone make their vision a reality. I expect our trainings and coaching to change many people lives.” Said Shadeska while talking about her trainings. Her coaching mainly emphasize on generating multiple sources of income at the same time to have a stable life and a secure future. She has been sharing the same stages with names like JT Foxx and Vanilla Ice.

Shadeska has shared the same stage earlier in November with some internationally renowned personalities. Among them were Robert Kyosaki, the Author of #1 Personal Finance Book of all time “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and Kim Kyosaki, the Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Inventor.

In addition, Lady Michelle Mone Obe, Renowned Global Speaker, Entrepreneur and Women’s Fashion Advocate along with JT Foxx, the Number 1 Wealth Coach in the World were also among those who shared the stage with Shadeska.

Renowned artist John Travolta, leading rapper 50 Cent, Fashion Legend Calvin Klein and Randi Zuckerburg, an American businesswoman, the former Director of Market Development and spokesperson for Facebook, and a sister of the company’s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg were also present on the occasion.

Futhermore, leading NYC broker Frederik Ecklund, George Ross, Dr. Nido Qubein who is the President of High Point University and Johanna Mukoki along with many other successful entrepreneurs were present on the occasion alongside Shadeska.

The major focus of Shadeska is always about the potential and power of coaching. She rightly believes that coaching can enhance the performance of individuals in every walk of life. Just like sports and performing arts, normal human beings also need a coach to keep them motivated at all times and enables them to work on their blind spots and weaknesses.

In alignment with her successful coaching marathon in Netherlands this November, she also has designed effective online coaching and training programs for people oversees. Being a member of Worldwide Intelligent Millionaires Network, that is an international business network alongside many other influential forums, Shadeska has amazing connections with successful people worldwide and her vast experience in the industry brings out the true insights of her own success in her training sessions that are beneficial for many inspired individuals.

About Shadeska Nicolina

Shadeska Nicolina is an internationally recognized authority on financial coaching. She is the Senior Managing Partner at Your Passive Income Coach. Her educational background and experience apart from coaching include Economics, Finance, Chartered Accountancy, Psychology and Business.

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