The Most Common Reason People Fail In Their Finances!
The Most Common Reason People Fail In Their Finances!
24 februari 2013 

The Most Common Reason People Fail In Their Finances!

The Most Common Reason People Fail In Their Finances!The most common reason people fail in their finances! The most common reason is no clarity what you want. Master the skill of financial goal setting to become financially free. Develop this skill.

Hire a financial coach to hold you accountable. Financial coaching is the process to achieve your goals. You work with a coach on areas that are important to you and where you do not have the internal discipline.

Gain clarity about what you want in your financial life, without limitations. Dream big. Dream big enough as you will not fail. When you master the skill of setting and achieving your financial goals you will become unstoppable.

Financial goal setting to become financially free

Know exactly what you want in your financial life and determine the price you will have to pay to become financially free. Gaining clarity about your financial goals also mean identifying the most important values in your life. What are your values? Think about values as love, freedom, courage, determination.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the reason that you want to become financially free?
  • What is the highest purpose of your money?
  • What would you do if you have EUR 1 million cash today?
  • What is your life mission?
  • What type of work will give you a greatest feeling of importance and personal satisfaction?
  • What have you always wanted to do but are afraid to do?
  • If you could make a significant change today in your financial life, what would the change be?

When you set your financial goals, imagine that you have no limitations. Make a list with your three most desired and important financial goals. Set priority, which one financial goal will you choose first? Focus all your time, energy and effort on the first most important financial goal.

5 Steps to achieve your most important financial goal

Step 1: Write your financial goal in detail. Make the financial goal clear and measurable.

Step 2: What is holding you back to achieve your financial goal? Not having the discipline to financially educate yourself? Not having the discipline to save money? No money management? Using the excuse of no time and not setting your financial life as a priority? List all the obstacles that stand between you and your financial goal.

Step 3: List the knowledge, skills and people you need for help, support and cooperation to achieve your financial goal.

Step 4: Make a list of everything you think you have to do to achieve your financial goal. Give the activities a number of priority. Give the most important activity the number one, the second most important activity will get number 2. List also the activities in sequence order. What activity must be done before the next important activity can be done?

Step 5: Are you going to do all the activities or are you going to delegate or work together with someone else? Include all the activities in your agenda. Take action. What is the activity you are going to do immediately?

Do an activity every day to achieve your financial goal. Take immediate and continuous action towards your financial goal is the key to become financially free. Start today and keep the momentum going.

For your financial success!

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