Success Habit Happiness!
Success Habit Happiness!

Success Habit HappinessHappiness is a state of mind. Your thinking is then pleasant for a great share of the time. Think pleasant thoughts about money and your finances. Be happy now, in this present moment.

Enjoy now with or without money. Do not wait for some future event to occur for you to be happy. Be happy now, not until you get your promotion or until you generate large amount of passive income.

Be happy – period. Not happy ‘because of’. Happiness is internal. Happiness is produced by your ideas, thoughts and attitude. Do not let events and other people determine for you how you should feel and how you should react.

If you lost money in investments you can still be happy. You can be happy by not adding your opinion to the facts. The fact is that you have lost your money with the investment. It is your opinion that you are ruined.

Be happy and look for a new money making opportunity. Learn from your mistakes. Have a strength of character. Despite your failure keep being goal oriented.

Form the habit to react positive to money problems. Form the habit to keep goal oriented all the time, no matter what happens. Practice a positive attitude in your everyday situations and in your imagination.

See yourself in your imagination taking positive, intelligent actions to solve your money problem and to achieve your financial goal. Deal with your money problems.

Happiness is not something that happens to you. Happiness is a positive state of mind that you can create. Only you can determine what you think. Be aware of your thinking. When thinking a negative thought change the thought for a pleasant thought.

Focus on positive thoughts. Visualize, make affirmations. When your actions do not meet your expectations change them. Do not talk negative with yourself. Do not say things as ‘I do not have money’. You are programming yourself to not having money.

Instead of reinforcing the habit that you don’t want say to yourself ‘Cancel, cancel, cancel’ and say what you want. You become what you think and say to yourself. If you want to change something in your financial life use positive affirmations.

Repeat the positive affirmation every time. Say the affirmations and feel the positive emotions. Repetition and intensity are the key for programming of new habits.

You need to understand that your ‘bad habits’ can be changed. Make the conscious decision and then practice the new habit through thinking, doing, imagination and affirmation.

For your financial success!

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