Steps To Manage Your Time!
Steps To Manage Your Time!

Steps To Manage Your Time!Manage your time daily to achieve your daily goals. Manage your time to check emails. Once you open an email follow up on the email. If you are not ready to follow up with the email, do not open the email.

When doing an activity focus your attention, energy and efforts on the activity. Avoid interruptions. Focus is like a muscle. It becomes stronger when you focus more and you will get more results. Focus is key.

If you stop focusing every time an email comes in or a phone rings you will focus less and get less results. Time is money.

Steps to manage your time

Step 1: Make a list for your daily activities. Focus on the high priorities on your list. Write no more than six important activities on your list. Do all the six important activities on your list for the particular day.

Step 2: Determine the amount of time for all the six activities. Fit the activities in one day. If the activities are not fitted in one day include the remaining activities on the list of the following day. Be realistic. The total hours spend doing the daily six important activities should be 6,5 to 7 hours.

Step 3: Prioritize the activities on your list. Put the most important activities first on your list, also if the activity takes the most time or is the most difficult activity to perform. You will increase your results by focusing on the most important activities. Prioritize and plan your daily activities.

Have discipline and determination to follow your daily activity plan.

For your financial success!

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