Save Or Invest?
Save Or Invest Your Money?

Save Or Invest?Do I have to save or invest my money? Saving and investments are both critical factors of the financial freedom formula. All the critical factors work interdependent.

Use the money management system and automatically save 10%. Give your save account a purpose whether you are saving for a dream vacation or extra money for investments beside your financial freedom account.

If your purpose of saving is for the short run it’s OK. If your purpose of saving is for the long run it’s better to save the amount then use the amount for an investment.

Governments are printing money. This means that the value of your money decreases. That’s why price of commodities as gold and silver go up. Savers are people who focus on financial security. Investors are people who focus on freedom to be, do and have whatever they want in their life.

Acquire assets that give you passive income for life. You put your time, energy and focus in the investment and your passive income will grow. Where attention goes, energy flows and results show. Keep reinvesting until you become financially free.

Study and learn the skills before you start investing. There is no investment that is 100% safe that you are free from losing your money. When you invest your money you can win and you can also lose. Learn to manage your investment risks.

If you are afraid and keep saving your money you will never learn to invest and you will never be free. By actively investing your money you will gain experience. Study the investment. Understand the investment, the market and the returns on the investment.

Listen to experts and finally take your own investment decisions.  If you value freedom you must invest. Start today and invest in your financial education. Make a plan and take massive actions to realize your goals.

For your financial success!

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