Pay Yourself First!
Pay Yourself First! yourself first! Why do 10% of people in the world make 90% of the money? Financially successful people always pay themselves first! You are the most important person on the planet, so pay yourself first. Pay yourself first each time you receive income.

Pay yourself first before paying your bills. Paying yourself first is the concept of putting a percentage of all your income (10%) in your financial freedom account.

Create this habit of paying yourself first. You need to change your mindset and always pay yourself first. Your new way of thinking will enhance your financial life and every other area of your life. Care and build your financial future.

Pay yourself first means that the money must only be used to acquire assets as business that generates income, real estate. Do not use the money for vacation, a car, a boat or to pay off your debt.

Use the money only to make more money. Have discipline and determination. Practice to be the best person you can be. The best in character, attitude and pay yourself first. True investor buys to own the investment. A true investor buys for cash flow and not for capital gain. You are buying for capital gain if you buy an asset for a low price and sell the asset for a higher price.

Life changing decisions

For a permanent change in your financial life see yourself becoming financially free. You can achieve a lot more and make the world a better place. Replace the habit of spending with the habit of paying yourself first. Spend your money wisely. Unexpected opportunities can come your way. Practice the habit of paying yourself first. Everyone uses money.

Are you living in fear to run out of money? What are your challenges related to money? Take control over your own financial life and start paying yourself first. Do not resist change. Be willing to do different things that you never did before in your life. Break your comfort zone. What life changing decisions are you going to take today?

For your financial success!

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