Monitor your progress
Monitor Your Progress!

Monitor Your ProgressYou want to change your financial life. Go from where you are today financially to where you want to go. Money does effect everything that is important in your life. Your health, your education and your quality of life.

Make the goal to transform your financial life your number one priority. Monitor your progress on a weekly and monthly basis. Make a personal financial statement with your numbers every week and every month.

Make graphs of your progress. If your major financial goal is to increase your passive income make a graph of your total passive income every week. A graph is visual and you can see the progress. Put the graph in a room where you can look at the graph daily.

When you look at the graph imagine your total passive income even higher. Know your financial numbers. When you see the graph going up week after week, month after month that is also a motivation for you. Keep going, keep taking action towards your dreams.

When you monitor your progress you know you are one step closer to achieve your dreams. Look at your graphs daily. Feel really good about your finances and your financial future.

Make it a daily habit to look at your graphs with the progress. Guide your thinking and use only positive thoughts about your progress. You are on your way to live your desired lifestyle. You are on your way to buy all the things you want.

Be grateful and blisfully happy when you look at your graph. Focus, commitment and persistent action works. When looking at your graphs imagine all the things you want. Feel excited and happy if you already get what you want.

Celebrate all your financial successes. Success breeds success. In a graph the numbers are represented in bars. You can see the progress whether the key numbers go up or down.

If you don’t monitor your progress you do not know whether you are on track or not. When you monitor your progress you can adapt your financial plan if the plan does not work successfully. You can replace the financial plan with a new plan.

Decide today to develop yourself to the point where you can achieve every financial goal. Write down your financial goal. Make sure you make a personal financial statement and a graph with the progress. Look at the graph. If the financial plan needs to be adapt, act on it.

Energy and imagination are the springboards to financial wealth creation. You see the progress. Focus on the things you want in your financial life. Your thoughts are powerful. The state of your mind reflects in your financial life. Act until you achieve your financial goals.

Imagine your financial future and then work every day on your financial goal. Take responsibility for your financial life. Be grateful. Every step, every progress is a step closer to achieve your financial goals.

Financial success is a steady progress towards your financial goals. Monitor your progress.

For your financial success!

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