Make A Massive Financial Action Plan!
Make A Massive Financial Action Plan!

Make Massive Financial Action Plan!Make a massive financial action plan with all the activities you plan to take to achieve your financial goals. Focus on what is most important to you. Think of activities that come to your mind and that will help you achieve your desires.

I want to pay myself first every time I receive income. The actions you take are: make an automatic transfer of a specific amount to your financial freedom account.

Another action you can take is making a budget in Excel sheet how much you are going to pay yourself first every month. You can increase the amount over time.

Paying yourself first also means seeking new ways to generate passive income. Mind your own business. An action that you can take is financially educating yourself by reading business, finance and investing books.

Write the reasons why you want to pay yourself first

Another action you can take is writing all the reasons why you want to pay yourself first. I want to pay myself first because I feel I am important and I feel I deserve that. I want to pay myself first because this will help me get closer to financial freedom.

Thinking about why you want something softens resistance. When you think when it will come, how it will come or who will help it comes, you will add resistance, especially if you do not  know the answers to these questions yet.

Therefore, focus on what you want and the reasons why you want them. Have an open mind noticing circumstances, events and people associated with what you want. When making your massive action plan clearly give thought to what you want. Does the action get you closer to what you want?

What do you want?

I want to pay myself first, then I can enjoy financial freedom, have unlimited amount in my bank account and experience no financial limitations. Make the massive financial action plan based on what you want to experience and not based on what you can afford or not.

Change the words ‘I can not afford it’ to ‘How can I afford it?’ You can attract whatever you choose to attract in your life. Choose abundance. There is no limit to financial wealth. You are not limiting another person by attracting financial wealth to yourself. There is enough for everyone.

Make your massive financial action plan and take the actions to bring you what you want in your life.

For your financial success!


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