Live Your Bliss!
Live Your Bliss!

Michael Beckwith and his wife Rickie BB gave a wonderful seminar on Tuesday October 12th, 2011 in Amsterdam. It was AMAZING!!! This blog is a short extract of that wonderful seminar.

Unfortunately people have limited perception of life, excuse and blame external circumstances. People experience limited beliefs instead of experience reality.

Live from narrow perceptions and reaction from circumstances. Why me? Why don’t I have enough money? Stop saying what you do not have. Start giving something that you have. Circumstances can not prevent you from giving. Give a smile, service and share. Your life starts to change and you start living from inside out.

Focus on the positivity. Love and beauty is all our life is about. We are unbounded as a being. Choose a powerful destiny in your own financial life. Choice is a function of awareness. Ask powerful questions and the Universe will give you an answer. Wake up with gratitude, be a better person and have a better financial life every day.

Live your bliss!

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