Its My 36 Birthday!
It's My 36 Birthday!

It's My Birthday!It’s my 36 birthday! I want to share some life changing information with you, if you want to take control of your financial life. Working harder will not solve your financial struggle.  Everyone has other life experiences. Within you are the answers that you need for every single question.

It’s important that you discover the answers for yourself. You must trust yourself. Understand the power within you. Become aware of that power and use it.

Lessons learned

Lesson # 1: If you make more money do not increase your spending and/or get deeper into debt. Making more money will not solve your money problem if you do not managed your money.

Lesson # 2: Set financial goals for yourself. What do you want? Do you want to decrease your spending? Do you want to save a fixed amount every month to invest the money? Do you want to financially educate yourself on how to generate passive income? Believe in your goals to achieve your goals.

Lesson # 3: Have a financial plan to get you where you want to go, decrease your spending, decrease your debts, start managing your money, financially educate yourself and start investing to receive extra money every month. Focus on acquiring assets and take actions towards your goal.

Lesson # 4: To decrease your debt, pay off all new charges in full every month. Use extra cash to pay only one of your debt. Pay the minimum and the extra cash. When finished pay off the second debt. Apply the full amount of the first debt to pay off the next debt. Do this until you become debt free.

Lesson # 5: Knowledge when used is power. Learn and apply. Learn more and apply more. Commit yourself to read financial websites, books, attend financial education seminars and/or hire a financial coach to help you take actions towards your goals. Have self-discipline and do the things that will change your life.

Lesson # 6: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Be grateful for your life and for all the things that you have.  Feel the gratitude in your heart.

Lesson # 7: Be open for change. Do not be afraid for changes in your life. Change is for good, something better is coming. Something must come in and replace it.  Have faith and know that the change is good.

For your financial success!

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