Its Celebration Time!
It's Celebration Time!

I feel like on top of the world, as from today I am a Chartered Accountant!! At the end of July I had a free strategic coaching session with Mr. Brook, a senior consultant coach of the Robbins Research International, Incorporation on skype.

At that time I did not start writing my thesis to become a Chartered Accountant yet. I was really procastinating. Does this behaviour sound familiar to you?

The formula for success is 20% mechanic and 80% is psychology/mindset. Most people ask the HOW question. In this particular case ‘how can I finalize my thesis’? By asking the how question is like a computer with a lot of open programs. The computer will lock, as the computer is too overloaded. The how question is too much for the brain.

New question to ask is out of your head and to your heart!!! Whatever it takes!!! Who must you become in order to this. Attitude and mindset are far more important than the how question.

After the coaching session I planned days free on Fridays in August. I wrote my thesis in 5 week-ends. I am very proud of myself as the duration time to write my thesis was 1,5 month instead of the average period of 3 to 6 months.

My identity shifted. I experienced the advantage of a coach, who teaches, supports and holds you accountable to achieve your success. Discipline and a new behaviour can make a big difference. I have changed my focus and no more procastination made a big difference.

To get progress in any area of your life, make small changes. Celebrate your small wins.

Success breeds success!

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