The Importance of Making a Financial Blueprint!
The Importance of Making a Financial Blueprint!
10 januari 2015 

The Importance of Making a Financial Blueprint!

If you find yourself trapped in a financial chaos each year despite making several plans of how you can save your money to improve your financial condition, then you must recognize the significance and importance of making a blueprint to help you out.

Financial blueprints are useful for everyone because these are the roadmap to grow your money, pursue new growth opportunities and enhance the quality of your life. Here’s how you can make a financial blueprint for a year:

First 30 Days
Your goal during these 30 days is to improve your activities in order to improve your financial status. The first 30 days of implementing your financial blueprint will be directed towards rebuilding a foundation to help you grow. Growth is unattainable on a bad foundation so these 30 days must be utilized carefully to improve and rectify any activities that interfere with your long term goals.

Making a list of 5 activities that need to be corrected, such as bad time management, poor money management, bad debt management etc, can help you stay focused.

First 90 Days
Once you successfully improve your activities and create a strong foundation, you will find it much easier to grow your finances. Make a list of 5 ideas that you plan to initiate a year from now, such as investing in certain categories to grow your finances, starting a fulltime or part-time business, the income you wish to acquire by the end of each year, etc.

Growing your finances is important. Do not forget to pay yourself first. If you find managing finances to be too complicated, you can even hire a financial coach if necessary.

First 9 Months
Have you ever thought of what you plan to do with your money if your funds and savings triple in the next 9 months? While making a blueprint, you have to think of all the possibilities and endeavors you are likely to be faced with.

Asset protection, investments, charitable trusts and donations as an attempt to give back to the community, are all some examples of how you can utilize your money in a way that would benefit you and those around you as well. For this, make a list of 5 ideas to anticipate growth.

Last 3 Months of the Year
Evaluate your entire year in great detail of your expenditures and savings. Make a list of 5 activities you plan to do in the last 3 months of the year. The last month of the year is your time to reflex. At the end of the year it’s also time to set new financial goals for the approaching year.

This is your financial blueprint for one year. Do not be resistant to change and improvement, and know that it is okay to change your plan as long as it has a positive impact on your present and future financial status. Think long-term.

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