Have Courage To Pursue Your Dreams!
Have Courage To Pursue Your Dreams!
23 januari 2013 

Have Courage To Pursue Your Dreams!

Have CourageHave courage to pursue your financial dreams. Have courage when working on your finances. Always spend your time wisely. Courage is when you acknowledge what is important and must be done. Courage does not mean the absence of fear.

Courage is to master fear. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Your heart and intuition know what is important for you.

Have courage and be grateful for the good things in your finances. It is your choice as to what you focus on each day. For things to change and get better in your financial life you must change. Changes come from within.

Your life is based on your character within. Have courage and act in spite of fear. Have courage to change the things that you can change. Do the things that need to be done in order to financially succeed.

Your time is the most valuable asset

You know what the things are that you need to do. Even if you do not feel to do these things, take action. Your time is the most valuable asset. Use your time efficiently. Do more activity you need to do to be financially successful. Limit your time of checking your email, watching television and checking social networks.

Have courage and work for long period of time on your goals and take breaks in between. Check your email and social networks in your break. Limit your time spend on social networks. Check your social networks for instance not more than three times a day.

Have self-discipline and work on your goals, even you do not feel on working on your goals and even if you do not see any progress yet. Feel the need to value your time. Spend more of your time on activities that move you closer to your goals.

An action exercise you can do to have a stronger emotional need to work on your financial goal is to write down the reasons why you want to achieve your financial goals. How will it make you feel to produce this result? What is your real purpose?

Make the reasons powerful. Activity list will not give you the why.  Have a strong enough why to get you through your emotional dip.

Write the daily activities in your agenda

Write the daily activities in  your agenda. Find out where you are not spending your time wisely and what you can do about that. Do the most important activities first. Break down large activities into smaller activities. Organize your daily activity list. Know what needs to be done. Be committed. See the list as your road map to financial success.

The list also gives insight on what you have accomplished and how long it took you. You can take responsibility for yourself, or blame someone or something for your actions.

Your financial life is a reflection of your focus. If you focus more on the things you want than the things you do not want you will find that you will get much closer to your goals.

The results are determined by your focus. If you want extraordinary results, think and focus on extraordinary things you want in your life.  Spend more time planning your financial life. Have a long term view on your life.

Take consistent actions with courage. Seek solution for any challenge you face and you stay focused in what you are doing.

“At the end of each day, ask yourself what you did good and what you can do better” ~G. B. Hinkcley~

For your financial success!


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