Have A Clear Vision!
Have A Clear Vision!

Have A Clear VisionDo you have a clear vision? Have a clear plan of you 5 years from now financially. Have faith. Be able to see your financial future. See far enough. See the potential.

What are your financial goals that you want to achieve in the upcoming 5 years? A financial goal is a purpose. A financial goal is more than a financial dream. A financial goal is a dream acting on.

Get a clear vision where you want to go financially. Create an image of yourself 5 years from now. Write out your five year plan. Write on paper what you want to achieve financially, your home and your social life.

What income level do you want to attain? What is your passive income level? How many assets do you have? What kind of living do you have for your family and yourself? What kind of vacation do you want to take?

What kind of friends do you have? What social groups are you in? Do you have an attitude to achieve your goals? To achieve your financial success requires effort. You will make more money and achieve  more personal satisfaction.

Focus on your financial goals. Energy increases when you set a desired financial goal and you work towards that goal.

Your money statement

Start with a financial goal that you believe you can achieve. Write your money statement on a piece of paper ‘I want a passive income of minimum EUR 10.000 per month’.

It’s powerful to write your goals on paper. When you write a goal on paper your full attention is focused on that particular goal. Your mind is designed to think one thought at the time. Your mind can not think of one thought and write another thought at the same time.

Have a burning desire for the achievement of your goal. You will receive the physical power, energy and enthusiasm to achieve your goal.

Face your day with a plan and get things done. Your day by day effort will pay off. Set your goals. Goals give you the energy to get things done. Enjoy the process. Let your goal motivates you. You will make the right financial decisions to reach your financial goal. Motivation keeps you going when others give up on their financial goals.

Take babysteps towards your financial goal. Take action every day to your financial goal. Study, read books, magazines, newspaper and information on financial websites to financially educate yourself. Seek new ideas. Do a research of an investment. Talk to experts about an investment.

Get an action habit. A financial plan not acted on has no result. The perfect time is to start now. Now is the magic word of financial success. Start now, right now.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” ~Benjamin Franklin~

For your financial success!

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