Goal Setting!
Goal Setting!

“Goals. There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. And there’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.” ~Jim Rohn~

December is a fabulous month, full of love, joy and  happiness! December is also a month for reflection, to be grateful for the year and welcome the new year. Let’s hold on these feelings every day!

An amazing way to hold on these feelings is to live the life of your dreams. Since December 2008 I have a powerful habit and I love to share it with you. I set my goals for the upcoming months. Every year I am very excited about this! I achieve most of the goals. I know that the ones I did not achieve yet are on my way!

I am very thankful for my perseverance and hard work! I love my life! Success in your life begins with goal setting. It’s important to know the direction you want to go in life and also what is important for YOU.

You can define your goal for every area of your life or one/more area(s):

  • Health (food, beverages, sport and beauty):
    • Eating and drinking goals (for instance organic, fruits, vegetables, water, tea)
    • Sport and fitness goals
    • Beauty goals like massages, sauna
  • Relationship with yourself, partner, families and/or friends:
    • Personal goals (books, seminars, events and other personal goals)
    • Love and relationship goals
    • Families and friends goals
  • Love and happiness:
    • Pleasure goals (enjoying good food at a restaurant, doing an activity that you never did before, travelling and experiencing life in general)
  • Money and financial life:
    • Financial freedom goals (decreasing expenses and increasing passive income)
    • Saving goals
    • Investments goals (real estate, business, websites, commodities as gold, silver, oil)
  • Career:
    • Career goal, for instance go for a promotion. Develop the technical skills you need to get the promotion
  • Business:
    • Start your own business goals (network marketing, internet marketing business and/or another type of business)
    • Growth your business goals

Use your feelings to prioritize which goal you should work on. If you feel bad about an area, work on that particular area to improve it. Energy flows where focus goes. When we focus,  the energy will flow to you and this energy is responsible to help you to manifest your goals.

Please write your goals on a white paper with blue ink. The steps for goal setting are:

Step 1: Define your goal

Make sure your goal is crystal clear. Additionally your goal should be an inspiration for you to work on it. You should become very excited when working on your goal.

When defining your goal, take a moment for reflection. Ask yourself the following question: ‘Why is this goal very important for me to achieve?’ How bigger the WHY, how easier the HOW. Your goal should be big enough to inspire and empower you. On the other hand you should BELIEVE that you can achieve your goal.

Another important question to ask is: ‘Do I believe I can achieve this goal?’ If you do not believe you can achieve the goal, define a smaller goal that you believe you can achieve and still keep your big goal in sight. You should believe that you can achieve your goal. Furthermore your goal should excites you. If you feel really good about your goal, you believe that you can achieve it.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve” ~Napoleon Hill~

Step 2: Make a massive action plan

The action plan is a plan with the activities you are going to take to achieve your goal. Consistent action counts! This ultimately determines who you become and where you go in life!

The plan should not to be perfect. You can adapt the plan as you progress. Make sure you work every day on your goals. Take action NOW, not tomorrow, not in the holiday.

You can use a weekly and/or monthly calender to write the activities that you are going to take. Do activities that bring you closer to your goals and eliminate all activities that are not contributing to your goals.

Take baby steps. Keep an open mind to see the unlimited opportunities that are presenting to you and act on them. An important action you can take towards your goals is visualization. Visualize all the good feelings you get when you have achieved your goals.

Step 3: Monitor your progress

Monitor your progress. This should be an ongoing process. You can choose your own frequency for monitoring your progress (weekly and/or monthly basis). This ensures that you keep being on track. Celebrate your small wins!

Step 4: Solving the obstacles

Analyze blockages. What stops you, fear? If it does not going to kill you physically, just do it! Overcome your fear through knowledge on the specific subject. Learn and apply the knowledge. Do not stop! Keep taking action towards your goals.

Enjoy working on your goals! Especially the person who you become to achieve them! Please share with us which goal(s) you are going to pursuit in the upcoming months!

With love,

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