Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone-Face Financial Fears and Overcome Them!
Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone-Face Financial Fears and Overcome Them!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone-Face Financial Fears and Overcome Them!

In the context of finances, your comfort zone is where you feel calm, an area that’s no longer alien to you. The sad part is, it’s really easy to get stuck.

After all, who will want to take the path less taken and explore all the opportunities that are up for grabs? Sadly, the reason we miss out on countless money-making opportunities is because we are not risk-takers, we are risk-averse.

We love playing safe when it comes to finances. We create an invisible boundary around us that helps us feel warm and cozy without realizing we have absolutely no idea what lies beyond. In a bid to safeguard ourselves from unforeseen circumstances or unpleasant surprises, we fail to realize we are running away from any chances to grow.

Experiment Equals Expansion

We don’t want to step out of our comfort zone but this willingness to test the waters is what helps us feel alive. The realization that we are going against the flow of current instills in us a unique excitement and passion that propels us on the road to success.

If you expect to claim financial freedom without stepping out of your comfort zone, this is something that is never going to happen. The sad part is when people don’t even try to make positive changes in their life.

Just answer the question. If given a choice, are you in the habit of leaving your comfort zone willingly or do you do it only when you have no other choice? If you fall in the former category, you will earn financial freedom anytime soon in future because you have the mindset to make it happen. As for the latter, they will stay stuck in the rut.

A Winning Mindset

The reason rich make money is not because they are lucky and that they can have some magical ability to turn sand into gold with a flick of their hand. No, the trait common to all financially empowered people is that they don’t mind discomfort.

They refuse to play games by the rules. They analyze their situation and grease the wheels for their success. They embrace and make the most out of opportunities others simply ignore.

Fear and Doubts- Your Biggest Enemies

The reason people don’t try to improve their financial situation is because they believe they are earning what they were meant to earn. They convince themselves that they are happy with what life has given them. What they don’t know is that had they tried a little discipline, they could have a more financially rewarding life.

If you want to make changes in your financial situation for the better, shake off all fears. Leave your comfort zone and break free from the predictability. It is about courage, it is about your ability to take the bull of your finances by its horns and tame it to your satisfaction.

If you are sitting back and expecting things to work just the way you want as if by magic, this won’t happen, not in the real world, anyway. Waiting won’t do you any good. It will simply be a waste of your abilities and your competency. Decide to change things while you can but at this moment, decide not to carry your comfort zone along with you.

Break out of the shell. It may give you a little pain but what you get in return is well worth the effort. Just take the first step and the rest of the pieces will fall in place.  You may be uncomfortable but you will accomplish something new.

Just remember one thing: in order to get what you never had, you’ve got to do something you have never done. Now, the choice is yours.

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