Friday 11-11-11!
Friday 11-11-11!

On this very special day, this special gift comes to you! This gift is for life and is true connected with my heart! What about my gift to you?

I want to give a gift that will be memorable and meaningful. A gift that can truly make a difference in people’s life and the life of their loved ones.

Imagine a gift that show someone to use the power of love to transform their life. Experience a life of happiness, light and beauty through their ability to think and feel. Show someone how to achieve their dreams, especially their financial dreams to live the life they desire.

I always had a passion for financial development in life. The moment I combined financial development, personal development and psychology, the whole became very powerful! Waw…a very excited combination!

People who inspired me: T. Harv Eker with his three day seminar ‘Millionaire Mind Intensive’ and also his three day ‘Mission to Millions’ in Amsterdam. Our mind is very powerful and can create everything we desire in life.

Also Robert and Kim Kyosaki were of great inspiration to me. Especially the financial part of my gift. Not to forget Anthony Robbins on the psychology part. He opened the three day ‘National Achievers Congress ’ in London which I attended.

My ultimate gift is to provide Financial Education and Empowerment to people for the very best on their path to financial success. To create a Financial Imperium (FI) community , where we can share our financial knowledge, experiences, attitude, dreams, strategies and techniques.

Through sharing you will increase your financial knowledge, contribute to the FI community and also to the world. The best investment is in yourself, including your financial education.

This is the ultimate gift for everyone! A gift that can really change your life! If you choose a gift for the people you care about most, including yourself, the impact you create will affect everyone and everything in your life.

“When you change your NOW story, you instantly change your past story and your future story. ” ~Robert G. Allen~

For your financial success!

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