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Financial Freedom Critical Factors!

Financial Freedom Critical FactorsAnyone can be financially free. The key is how you manage your money. There are five critical factors on the path to financial freedom. You must pay attention to each critical factor individually and in combination.

The financial freedom formula is working capital + savings + investment + passive income + simplify your life. The five elements of the financial freedom formula are interdependent. They must work together in synergy. Do not focus only on work income. Focus on all five critical factors.

Wealthy people excellent managed their money. Keep to the money management system. Use all 6 account, the percentages in the account are flexible. Save and invest the excess of your income and expenses. The law of creating financial wealth: you have to spend less than you earn and invest the difference.

Money creates money. Every EUR that you spend is a seed that goes unplanted. Spend your money wisely.

Reach your full financial potential righ now. Rate your money management from a scale of 1 to 10. It’s not when you have a plenty of money that you will begin to manage your money. It’s when you begin to manage your money, you will have plenty of money.

There is an Universe principle of management: until you show you can handle what you have got, you will not get any more.


Money management for business and for couples

Do you find it difficult to manage your personal finances because you are tied in with your business? You can use the money management system for your business too. Your business must pay you first and then you spend your money.

Write yourself a paycheck once or twice a month. Then you can manage the paycheck. Have your personal finances and your business finances separate.

Couples can also use the money management system. Separate the money. Each couple keeps their own jars and accounts and then decides who will pay for what shared expenses.

Pooled money: each person take and agreed an amount for themselves and then they manage the shared jars and accounts together. This creates independency for people and the money can be managed privately.

Money management your path to financial freedom

You can be financially free, no matter how much money you have right now. Give yourself over to the money management system instead to try to figure out to do it better on your own.

Make sure you start managing your money now, even if it’s only EUR 1 or EUR 10. Where attention goes, energy flows and results show. How can you be sure you are going to be financially free? Consider yourself in a new part time business. The business of managing and investing your money, as well as creating and participating in passive income streams.

Commit yourself to your new part time business. Commit to 30 minutes a day. You will soon be financially free and for the rest of your life. Do 3 things with this 30 minutes:

1. Learn about investments

2. Invest

3. Work on creating passive business income streams

Make a commitment to your new part time business now.

Now you have the world’s easiest money management system. But there is a problem. Most people will not do it. Why? Their money identity is set at a low level. You must change your inner money identity or you will continue to get the same results that you have always had. Analyze what is holding you back and set your money identity level high.

For your financial success!

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