Face Your Financial Challenges!
Face Your Financial Challenges!

Face Your Financial ChallengesDo you want more money coming in every month than is going out as monthly expenses? Take control of your financial future. Face your financial challenges. Focus and take action in your finances. Have the habit to pay yourself first. Have the habit to manage your money properly.

Care about your finances. Face your fears. What stops you to achieve your financial goals?

“The thing you fear most has no power. Your fear of it is what has the power. Facing the truth really will set you free” ~Oprah Winfrey~.

You have financial challenge for a reason. As you face your challenge a breakthrough will occur. You will have more success as you create better habits. Notice that you are breaking through a part of yourself.

Get the knowledge you need and apply the knowledge in your finances. Take the time to learn what you need to know to succeed financially. The time you invest in your finances will pay off. Face your challenges with optimism. Make a commitment and collect all the information you need. Commitment is an agreement with yourself. Work on your finances.

Steps to face your financial challenges

Step 1: Define what challenge you have that you need to face. Define your financial challenge clearly. If you are dealing with several smaller challenges break them down and work on each smaller challenge separately.

Focus on resolving the smaller challenges one by one. Use your creativity to look for new and better ways of solving challenges and achieving your goals. Be open to new ideas, possibilities and solutions.

What are your dreams and wishes? Are your thoughts and ideas in line with your dreams and wishes? If you want to be financially free you have to have ideas that are in line with your dreams and wishes.

You have to save and invest your money instead of buying things you do not really need. Your thoughts and actions must be in line with your dreams and wishes. Write down on a piece of paper what you really want. Additionally write down the steps you are going to take to realize what you want.

Step 2: Sorting out all your desires. Brainstorm what you want. Make a priority list, because you can not work on all desires at one time. What is the folllow order you are going to work on your desires. This is different per person as everyone has different financial situation.

For someone cutting off expenses is much more important than paying off debts. After cutting off the expenses the amount can be used to pay off debt or for investment. What do you want? State all your desires on a piece of paper.

  • Do you want to create a five year vision first?
  • Do you want to attend an educational seminar?
  • Do you want to cut off your expenses?
  • Do you want pay off your debt in combination with paying yourself first?

Step 3: Determining the how, make a massive action plan. Make a massive action plan to realize what you want. Collect the information and facts to face the challenge. Imagine the end result. Do not worry about the outcome.

Trying to solve the financial challenge with logical thinking will not work. Imagine the end result. Trust and let go. Your subconcious mind will find a solution for your challenge.

Step 4: Solve the financial challenge. Your subconcious, creative mind will face and get a solution for the challenge, after you have done your part. If you have a burning desire, clearly defined goals and plan to achieve your goals then you will have a continual stimulus of ideas to achieve your goals.

Approach your challenges confidently, with the attitude that there exists a logical, practical solution. If you are confident and expect positive result your mind will find a solution.  Your subconcious mind takes over the picture that you created and uses it as a blueprint to transform your thoughts into practical plans for attaining what you want.

Have an open mind to see opportunities.  Your logical mind is engineered to identify a financial challenge, to collect all the facts and information and then delegate to the subconcious mind. After you took action and did everything you could, relax.

Imagine what you want and belief you will get what you want. The solution will develop itself in the most convenient way for you. You grow and learn more rapidly by facing and overcoming financial challenges. Make proper judgments and do what is right. You will grow from the challenges.

For your financial success!


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