Emotional Well-Being!
Emotional Well-Being!

A person who is an emotional well-being person feels good almost all the time! This person has a life of joy, happiness and fulfillment.

When a challenging situation presents, this person gains control of his mind and lets his mind work for him. This person makes decisions that align his mind and his heart.

I used to be a very logical person, reasoning situations. This is not weird at all. As I have studied Economics, I am working with a lot of figures as an auditor and I am using the left half of my brain most of the time. Believe me, reasoning situations absorve a lot of positive energy.

Due to a challenging situation in my life years ago, I have shifted from being a logical person to a person who uses her heart to make decisions. This feels so good, like my heart is set alight with passion.

Everyone’s heart knows what’s hot of what’s not hot for it. I use mine as a compass, the best peace of mind feeling ever. Say, true connection of the heart!

Your emotions should be the key in your daily life. Do you feel good almost every time, very good for you. You are good on track living your dreams! If you feel bad means you are thinking about something that is not important for you, as who you really are.

Choose a better thought until you feel good again. We as human beings have the privilege that we can choose our emotions at every moment. Some of those positive emotions are desire, faith, love or enthusiasm. Some of the negative emotions are fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge or anger.

To improve the quality of your financial life it is important to use more of your energy (about 99%!) in dreams, mindset and attitude. This is the emotional side. Most people spend their energy on the how side. By feeling good, means you are on track. You do not have to worry about the how. The how will present itself in the most convenient way!

Emotions are a state of mind. You have the ability to control your mind. Be persistent and create a habit to have dominating positive thoughts about money and your financial life.

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