Education - The Essential Ingredient for the Sauce of Financial Success!
Education - The Essential Ingredient for the Sauce of Financial Success!

Education - The Essential Ingredient for the Sauce of Financial Success!

Are you going through a financial challenge? Are you looking around for ways to make more money?  Are you desperately trying to keep your finances from taking a wrong turn, only to find you are failing at it?

You may feel fate has set the deck against you but maybe you are at fault here. Maybe the reason you cannot generate wealth is because of your own missteps.

Financial challenges are not easy to live with. The thought that you don’t have enough money to afford just about anything and everything is something quite difficult to come to terms with.

However, have you ever wondered why you have to spend money so carefully while someone else has money to burn? You may attribute their massive wealth to hard work or plain luck but there’s more than meets the eye.

The reason they are pouring in huge amounts of cash is simply because they are more financially educated than you. As much as you may find it hard to believe, the reality is financial literacy is actually the first step to financial freedom. Don’t believe me? Read on.

What you don’t know will hurt you

Just take a moment to answer this question: can you call yourself ‘financially educated’ or can you be best labeled as ‘financially ignorant’? Don’t know how to answer this question because you are under the assumption that you know your finances in and out? That’s the case with most of us.

However, what we fail to acknowledge is that there is more to handling money than making two plus two. It is about making the right choices every day. It is about evaluating risks and making investments that allow you to reap endless financial rewards.

If you are not well-versed with these tricks of the trade, believe it or not, you are actually financially ignorant.

Financial Literacy: A Crucial Aspect Overlooked

Financial education is not something we are being taught in school. This makes it crucial for individuals to invest in financial literacy, especially in the wake of the recent economic meltdown.

Our financial future is in our own hands and in order to spell financial freedom, financial education is definitely an investment worth making.  You will not only watch your finances grow right in front of your eyes, you will decipher the code to making the most out of your means.

Don’t bury your head in the sand

The reason people fail to reach their financial heaven is not because they don’t know how to organize their finances. People avoid going down the path of financial freedom because they will have to make several sacrifices on the way. They don’t gain because they are not willing to put up with the pain.

They know that looking their problems in the eye means they will have to face the reality which is often too ugly to tolerate. Once they will have a clear picture of their finances in front of them, they will have to deal with matters that are best forgotten.

They will have to accept that several of their purchases were actually money poured down the drain. They will have to admit that they willingly allowed money-making opportunities to pass by them. Not having the courage to face the reality is something that can only be remedied through financial literacy.

Know where your money goes. When people don’t organize their finances, they don’t have an inkling of where their money is going. This not only cripples them financially, sometimes the aftereffects are grave and you are left in the deep pit of debt for life.

Three tips for a better future

The secret to financial liberty lies in your daily choices. Financial independence is not something you can accomplish overnight. You will have to work at it, every single day.

You will have to make smart choices. Your choices made you what you are today and they make you what you will become tomorrow. They dictate your finances.

Change the way you spend. Change the way you think. Work towards financial independence by making investments where they count. Choose to be rich and overcome any and every obstacle that stands in your way.

Invest in financial freedom. It will benefit you in more ways than you thought possible.

Employ these tips and watch your finances take a u-turn!

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Stuart cliff

Stuart cliff

on 28 Sep 2013

I am the founder of the Group: Personal Development Strategies for uncommon Achievers. I live in Uganda, AFRICA and More Financial Mentorship to confront the financial ignorance in many minds of africans and bring them to freedom. Keep in touch and we see how to get a workable plan to have this achieved. Thanx for sharing brilliant arcticle. God bless you

Shadeska Nicolina

Shadeska Nicolina

on 28 Sep 2013

Thanks for the comment Stuart! I really appreciate that and we will keep in touch!

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