Compelling Strategies towards Financial Freedom!
Compelling Strategies towards Financial Freedom!
27 januari 2018 

Compelling Strategies towards Financial Freedom!

International Financial Coach and Speaker Shadeska is Revealing Compelling Strategies towards Financial Freedom

Achieving financial independence is the ambition of many, who wish to understand their finances in and out, as well as learn strategies that unshackle limitations and open up new opportunities. International business coach and speaker Shadeska is now on a personal mission to help every individual become the driver of their future through multiple and passive streams of income.

There is a code that everyone seeking financial liberation must decode, and Shadeska’s financial programs offered by her initiative, Your Passive Income Coach, are helping to just that. Her singular aim in life is to promote education so that everyone can create multiple streams of income, excel in money management and make rewarding decisions to stay on track and win financial freedom.

Shadeska’ initiative, Your Passive Income Coach, offers two essential courses to turn life around. The Financial Life Makeover is a step by step program that delivers via multimedia strategies the momentum that takes one towards the ideal financial life. The Financial Wealth Program offers 7 compelling steps to create multiple streams of income with the help of powerful tools and strategies.

Picture: Mark Wahlberg, highest grossing actor, World's #1 Wealth & Business Coach, JT Foxx, Shadeska Nicolina, John Travolta, Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, Mel Gibson, Christie Brinkley and Gene Simmons

Financial Growth Strategies

“When individuals strive to acquire education on creating multiple streams of income, they soon decipher the code to excel at money management, discover what it takes to always keep finances on track and to achieve financial freedom,” says Shadeska.

Your Passive Income Coach was founded by Shadeska to empower individuals through financial education so as to train skills and sharpen their financial acumen. Your Passive Income Coach is an authority on providing high-quality passive income coaching, so that learners can grow their finances, pursue new growth opportunities, and achieve financial freedom up to their highest potential.

Top 1% Wealth Workout Award Winner, Shadeska Nicolina

Wealth Workout Award Winner

Shadeska was announced by JT Foxx, World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach, as the Top 1% Coaching – Wealth Workout Award Winner before a great audience of more than 2,500 celebrities, billionaires, millionaires, and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles. She is also the winner of the Innovative Business Award. She attended the JT Foxx Mega Success event in Los Angeles, and interacted with the highest grossing actor, Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Christie Brinkley, Gene Simmons, Steve Wozniak, Charlie Sheen, Bethenny Frankel, Dr. Nido Qubein, George Ross (former right hand man of US President Donald Trump for 42 years), and many other great people from all over the world. Shadeska is a graduate in Business and Economics, and holds a post Masters degree as a Chartered Accountant from the prestigious University of Maastricht.

Innovative Business Coach


Your Passive Income Coach is a successful international passive income coaching business providing high-quality passive income coaching experiences designed for people who trade their time for money to enhance their quality of life, to create an extraordinary lifestyle and to achieve financial freedom.

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