Change From Comfort And Security To Freedom!
Change From Comfort And Security To Freedom!

Change From Comfort And Security To Freedom!Change from comfort and security to freedom! The path of leaving the comfort and security of being an employee or self-employed person to building your own system as a business owner or investor is a process.

The core values, beliefs and skills are different for the different type of people. Face your fears and other negative emotions as self-doubt. Create other thoughts to encourage you as think clearly, keep an open mind and keep going.

Build your support system and analyze your fears

Ask other people who have changed quadrants from being employee or self employed to business owner or investment for support. Keep your faith and belief in yourself.

The process means learning new skills. Build a support system, people who will encourage and support you in the process. Don’t let fear of losing money stops you. Act in spite of fear. Feel your fear every time you try something new.  Also feel your courage and grow as a person with every confrontation of your fear.

 Fear is a part of the process. When the fear of losing money comes up, most people want “security” rather than “freedom”, “avoid risk” rather than “learn to manage risk”, “I cannot afford it” rather than “how can I afford it?”.

The core values, beliefs and skills are different for the quadrant employees and self-employed person and for the quadrant business owners and investors. Moving from quadrants mean you have to change your core values, beliefs and skills.

In the quadrants of employee and self-employed person the emotion of fear affects the thinking and you play it safe. People in the quadrants of business owners and investors play it smart. People in the quadrants of business owners and investors also have fear. The difference is, they do what needs to be done. They act in spite of fear.

Who you become is important in this process

The most important thing about changing quadrants is who you become in the process. Have the mindset and skills of a business owner and investor. You will recognize opportunities. You will not be short-term oriented any more. You will make decisions for the long run, to become financially free.

Business owners and investors think big and focus on asset creation. The core value of employees and self-employed person is security. If you are in the process of changing quadrants you also have to change your environment. Hang out with people in the quadrant that you want to be.

“One of the best ways to make changes in your life is to change your environment. This then changes you” ~Robert Kyosaki~

For your financial success!

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