Burning Desire!
Burning Desire!

“Your ultimate desire must be so burning, so important, of such a high priority that nothing distracts you from it or tempts you away.” ~Robert G. Allen~

Are you aware of your desires with respect to money and your financial situation? In order for you to take action to a greater financial success it’s important to know which financial goals are the most logical step for you to take.

In the list below you will find different financial goals. The financial goals are different for every person. The list is an example that you can use to define YOUR financial goals. You can make the list as long as you want.

Step 1: define your financial goals

  1. Increase my earned and/or working income this year with ….%
  2. Increase my passive income monthly with  …% or with a fixed amount of EUR…
  3. Automatically transfer 10% of my income monthly to my saving account
  4. Decrease my debt monthly by paying a fixed amount of EUR…
  5. Increase my assets or a specific asset category
  6. Create a long term strategy for upcoming 3 or 5 years, from where I am now to where I want to go financially
  7. Analyze my actual monthly expenses compared to the budgeted amounts every month
  8. Make graphs of my monthly expenses and put them on my wall
  9. Feel good about money. Analyze my thoughts and my emotions with respect to money
  10. Feel good when I pay for anything
  11. Each time I get income I pay myself first by increasing the amount in my financial freedom account
  12. Make a massive action plan to achieve my financial goals
  13. Monitor my financial progress every week and/or every month to check if I am lined up with my goals.
  14. Expand my psychology/mindset about financial success principles, strategies, tools and techniques through trainings, reading books and listening to audios
  15. Feed my mind daily with powerful affirmations about money
  16. Visualize daily. Imagine having all the things I want if money is not an object
  17. Get new insights by writing down where I spend my money in each of my accounts (financial freedom account, saving account to pay debt and/or for dreams, education account, play account and gift account)
  18. Celebrate my financial wins
  19. Get a financial coach to teach, support and hold me accountable to achieve my financial goals
  20. Give 10% of my income away each month to charities and/or to support families and/or friends
  21. Other…

Step 2: Give a score to each financial goal you have defined

Give a score between 1 – 10 to each of the financial goals you have defined.  The score can be 1, 2, 3….10.  Score 10 means you are very excited and you will feel really good when you achieve that particular financial goal.  Score 1 means that you are not excited at all about achieving the particular financial goal.

Step 3: Decide on which financial goals you should focus

In this step you decide on which goal you should focus in the upcoming 6 months. The financial goals that have an 8, 9 or 10 as a score are the financial goals which you should focus on. Put your energy and time in the financial goals with a high score (8, 9 and 10).

The financial goals with a high score means that you are very excited about them. You feel really good by just thinking about them. Your level of belief to achieve the financial goals with a high score is high.

Do not spend your time, effort and energy to the financial goals with low scores (score 1 – 7). Low score means you (still) have doubt to achieve these financial goals. Build your confidence first and than go for them.

Step 4: Make a massive action plan

Make a massive action plan for the financial goals with score 8, 9 and 10.

Step 5: Implement the plan

Implement the plan. Be committed for your financial success. Your commitment level should be: ‘whatever it takes’. To be great and have greater level of financial success, you must be willing to do whatever it takes.

Step 6: Periodically monitor your progress

Periodically monitor your financial progress! Are you committed with your financial goals? Are you progressing?

Based on these 6 steps you will make a decision that is in line with your heart. Furthermore you will take the most logical next step towards your financial success!

Please keep getting educated! Share this article with family and friends!

“Sharing makes you bigger than you are. The more you pour out, the more life will be able to pour in” ~Jim Rohn~

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