Brain Secrets!
Brain Secrets!

It’s quite interesting to know how our mind works. You have a powerful mind. You can create your own situation. You can also measure whether your  mind works right. Look at the results of your life!

If your thinking is going in the wrong direction, no panic. You can change your thinking into the right direction instantly.

What makes succesful people different than unsuccesful people? Why does succesful people experience a  higher level of success? Why does some people rise like a rocket?

Succesful people are the conductor of their orchestra. A person who is his own conductor of his orchestra is a person who take all conflicting things in him (negative emotions) and bring them in balance. This person take control of his life.

You are a product of the collection of all your experience and of thousand of decisions you made. You are a product of your environment. Take 100% responsibility for your own life. Don’t let outside influences effect your life!

An average brain weights 3 pounds. The brain of Albert Einstein, one of the most intellectual persons in the world weights 2.7 pounds. This means that our intelligence is not depended on the size of our brain. Every person has a powerful brain. Most people do not use their full brain potential.

Our brain is more powerful than the supercomputer in this world. You are only using a fraction of your capacibility. Our body consists of 80% of water. Hydratate your body continuosly to work well. Water fills your brain.

Brain is electrical. There is so many possibilities in your brain. You have a thought and a chemical is release. The chemical creates an electric charge which generates an emotion that corresponds to the thought. Emotion never comes first. The thought comes first.

The chemicals go to every cell of your body. Positive thoughts are sent to every cell of your body. Negative thinking also go to every cell of your body. Same chemicals, but your thinking change the shape of it. Be responsible for your own life.

Our brain consists of the left and right part. The left part is the thinking, logical, analytical, structured part. The right part is the emotional, romantic, feelings and intuition part. To be the conductor of your orchestra you have to train your brain to bring the balance between your left and right  part of your brain.

Be a logical person with passion. Be a passion woman with logical thinking. Care and feed your brain. It is possible for you to create new neuropath ways in your brain that you never have before. It’s a biological myracle and you have new good positive habits for the rest of your life.

Your brain is changeable, flexible. You can create new neuropath ways that did not exist before. Your brain is more powerful than what you realize. You are able to change the way you think.

If you feel stuck where you are now in your life by changing new neuropath ways you will get unstuck. The neuropath ways are developed through the years by your experiences and involvements.

Negative experiences and involvements bring doubts, bad feelings from yourself. You do not have to allow these negative thoughts. The negative thoughts do not belong to you. Doubts, limitations are not real. They do not represent who you are as a person. Change your thinking about yourself.

If you continue to repeat negative internal commands the neuropath ways become so strong to let you believe and think so about yourself. This is not the way you are programmed.

Create new neuropath ways by your thoughts. If you are already accepted that you are a kind of person, the brain put you in that particular category. You are than mentally paralized. This is the way the brain works.

Pay careful attention to your surrender. Surrend yourself with powerful quotes and ambiance. The brain is always in context. Create a context that reinforces who you want to be. Create an environment you want to remind you of what you want.

How to train your brain the positive way? Create a mental filter and do not allow ANY negative thought! If you want your finances to be fixed, have a great and lovely relationship, a happy life, your dreams come true do not allow negative thoughts as fear, worry, doubt, angry any more. Do not allow something you do not want.

You will be better on track if you get mentally on track first!

FI tips:

  • Love learning everyday and apply what you learned. Be a student for greatness. Never be ordinary, mediocre. You are better than that.
  • Focus and keep going. Do not stop.
  • Make a commitment that you will do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.
  • Radiate positive energy towards other people. Be open, keep eye contact and smile.
  • Have a role model and follow the good example.
  • Imagine only what you want. Flod in your mind positive fantasies, picture of the kind of person you want to be. Think of it constantly.

Thinking is critical!

~Source: Brain Training of Ron Ball~

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