Ask, Believe and You Will Receive- The Secret to Recruit Success in Life!
Ask, Believe and You Will Receive- The Secret to Recruit Success in Life!

Ask, Believe and You Will Receive- The Secret to Recruit Success in Life!

Take a moment to answer these questions: Do you step out of your comfort zone often? Do you often go the extra mile to get whatever you want in life?

Do you have the kind of commitment to your goals that you won’t settle for anything but success? If you have silently uttered a ‘No’ to each of the questions posed above, chances that you cower in fear every time you are subjected to unfavorable circumstances are fairly high.

Have you ever wondered about the code the successful individuals have deciphered? You may attribute their success to luck but actually, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Choose To Stand Out Of the Crowd

Want to know what distinguishes achievers from failures? While the latter are just run-of-the-mill, the former choose to be successful. They ask for success.

They use their passion and determination to fuel the fire of success raging within and this helps them accomplish whatever they want in life, regardless of how impossible it may seem.

Make Most of Your Power to Ask

Life is a journey, a succession of events where our actions dictate the course we take. Those who choose to go against the current don’t only have the willingness to breathe life into their dreams, they have this unique power to ask for success.

The best part is: success is what they get because success is what they deserve. They believe that they are meant for success and this firm belief serves as a stimulus for their continuous growth as an individual.

The Real Meaning of Life

Life is a rollercoaster ride with its highs and lows, pits and peaks and at the end of the day, we evaluate our success on the basis of our experience of this ride. Each event in our life and every single incident we put up with directly impacts our life.

The meanings we attach to these events directly influence our life because they contribute in making us the individual we are.

Success Starts With You

While we offer look around for triggers that can iron out any wrinkles on the path to success, we fail to acknowledge that we are the triggers for our success. Only we can create success for ourselves out of nothing, provided, we have the right attitude.

Our attitudes govern every single aspect of our life and this positive attitude comes by using the power to ask for success and get whatever it is we want in life.

Failure Is the Pillar of Success

As an individual, if you want to break new ground, it is crucial you ask what you want in life. What if you successfully get a ‘yes’ out of someone or can transform your circumstances to your satisfaction?

Don’t let a single ‘NO’ cripple you. It’s not the end of the world. Never hesitate to try and step out of your comfort zone often.

Experience life at its fullest and unleash your potential to get whatever it is you want in life. With this mindset, nothing will be able to keep you from making success the center of your universe.

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Jasper Mhishi

Jasper Mhishi

on 07 Oct 2013

It is true. This article when i reading was it today felt like it was literally aiming & speaking to me. Fear for me personally is one thing im going to first to deal with in this walk to financial freedom.

Shadeska Nicolina

Shadeska Nicolina

on 08 Oct 2013

Great to hear that Jasper! You have already made the first step.

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