Are You A Saver Or Spender?
Are You A Saver Or Spender?

Are You A Saver Or SpenderAre you a saver or a spender? To create wealth you have to save and invest in assets. You will receive passive income then for the rest of your life. Focus on creating wealth by saving and investing your money.

Create wealth and thrive no matter what the economy does. Being wealthy you have more choices and more time to do what you want to do in your life.  You enjoy an extraordinary life.

With a multiple streams of passive income you can realize financial freedom. Create multiple passive income streams to protect yourself. Have strong passive income streams. Master money. If you master money whatever the economy does it does not affect you.

Create a situation to get your financial life on a good track. Generate enough wealth. What is your financial personality? Are you a saver or a spender? Where do you fit?

Are You A Saver Or Spender?


  • You save money on the bank
  • You do not order drink. Water is free
  • You monitor your minutes on your mobile
  • You love to exactly meet your househould budget
  • You travel inconveniently to save money
  • You buy everything on sale
  • You make an organized plan for the future


  • You buy what you want without regret of the price
  • A lot of money is meaningless to you
  • Convenient of travel is more important than the price to you
  • You order anything you want in a restaurant
  • You go over your budget and after that you think about it
  • It does not matter if it is on sale. You look for desires
  • Your life is to be enjoyed in the here and now

Core values

A savers’ value is control, security. The core value of a spender is freedom. Both can learn from each other. In order to become financially free you have to spend less than you earn. You have to be in control of your spending and at the same time you have to manage your money well.

Know if you are really a saver or a spender. Do you have regular monthly financial tension? Do you have bills come due that you can not paid because you do not have the money? Do you know exactly how much money you have?

Financial problems occur when you do not have accurate knowledge of your finances. You do not know exactly what you have and what you owe to who.

Record keeping of your finances is very important! For 30 days record every penny you are spending. Additionally record your monthly income, who do you owe money to and your investments in stocks, bonds, businesses, real estate, gold and silver.

Know where you are. You are here and you want to go there. That’s your way to financial success. You can not estimate where you are financially. You have to know exactly where you are financially otherwise you will keep having consistent fear in life of the unexpected bills.

Where are you financially today?

The first step to financial success is to take a good, truthful look at where you are now. Do you know your current numbers as your income, your expenses, your assets and your liabilities?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much money do you earn monthly. This is the total amount of money that is coming in your household every month.
  • What are your spendings every month? Be brutally honest with yourself.
  • Who do you owe money on today?
  • What are your investments that you have today (stocks, bonds, business investments, real estate, gold, silver)?

If you do not know the answers to these question find out the answers. Have the courage to get the information you need to start taking control of your financial situation. If you need help ask other people for help. Take control of your financial situation and don’t let the situation controls you.

For your financial success!

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Shadeska Nicolina

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