Analyze Your Fears!
Analyze Your Fears!

Analyze Your FearsEveryone has fear. How you handle your fear is important. Analyze your fears with respect to money. Fear of losing money. Fear is a poor state of mind. Fear destroys your imagination, your ability to dream big.

Fear destroys your enthusiasm, ambition and fear leads to procastination. Face your fears. What do you fear the most?

Negative habits and emotions as indeciveness, doubt, worry, overcaution, procastination are symptons of the fear of poverty. If you are not educated emotionally fear will stop your body from doing what you must do. Make an analysis of your fears. Be true to yourself.

Indeciveness is when you do not make a financial decision and you keep making excuses. Doubt is expressed through excuses to cover up, explain away or apologize for your failures. Worry is expressed by finding fault with others.

Overcaution is the habit of looking for the negative side of every situation. Thinking and talking of possible failure instead of concentrating on successes. Waiting for the right time to begin putting ideas and plans into action. The waiting becomes a permanent habit.

Procastination is the habit of not doing things which should have been done already. Spending enough time in making excuses to not doing what need to be done. When you stop procastination and listen to the winner inside of you, everything will start to align with your life.

You have to reach a point of decision and you have to be brutally honest with yourself. Listen to the winner inside of you to transform your financial life. The more honest you are with yourself, the greater your light is within.

You will feel it by a raising confidence, belief and optimism. Everything in your life will align and your life will gain momentum. Your life will be filled with a lot of love, joy, happiness and peace. Create a rich state of mind.

Positive emotions as desire, faith, love can not occupy the mind at the same time as negative emotions as fear, doubt, worry. Encourage the positive emotions as the dominating thoughts in your mind and discourage the negative emotions.

Your mind is a creature of habit. Control your mind. When you have negative emotions as fear, doubt and/or worry go and bring your beautiful memories of the past or think of someone you really love. Always remember the love experiences and use these experiences when you are in a mental dip.

Think of your desires. Make your desires strong. Hold the desires in your mind.  Have a clear mental picture of what you want. Dream big and believe you can achieve your dreams. The choice is yours. The results can make or break you. Look at the results in your life. Are you happy with the results? It’s important to strive for more!

For your financial success!


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