7 Reasons Why To Manage Your Finances!
7 Reasons Why To Manage Your Finances!

Seven Reasons Why To Manage Your Finances7 reasons why to manage your finances! Do you have the best of intentions when it comes to managing your finances?  Energy flows where attention goes.

To attract more positive in your financial life start managing your money with positive energy. One of the most important financial decisions you can make is to make your finances your number one priority.

You make financial decisions and these decisions are converted into actions and the actions are converted into numbers. If your bankaccounts have increase over time, you are taking actions in the good direction.

Maintain a long term vision and financial plan. Keep improving your actions to have progress in your finances. Be innovative and invent new ways to get more result.

Do your finances with a loving feeling. Happy feelings will attract happy circumstances. Move out of your comfort zone. You need also to feel uncomfortable in order to grow. Make your habits around money. Your habits around money will make you.

7 Reasons why to manage your finances 

Reason # 1: by managing your finances you will use your money wisely. You need to spend less money than you earn. If you set as a goal to manage your finances you will make better buy decisions. You will have the big picture, where you are now and where you want to go. You will understand your finances much better.

Reason # 2: track your finances in an Excel sheet. Write all your income and expenses. Discipline and make a commitment with yourself to fill in the Excel sheet daily and/or weekly based on the receipts of your purchases.

How higher the frequency the better. Analyze the expenses in the Excel sheet. You will see some suprises. When purchasing anything ask yourself of the purchase is supporting your goal. If not, do not buy.

Reason # 3: make good saving and/or investment habit. When you manage your money you will grow as a person and all parts of your life will flourish as well. Automatically transfer 10% of your income to your saving account and to your financial freedom account. This habit marks you as a person who has self control.

Reason # 4: you are working on and improving your finances. Your finances have effect on your health, your relationships, everything that is important in your life.

The quality of your life will improve as you have more and more money. You have the money to enjoy your life to the fullest. You have the money to contribute to the world. You can do everything you want and when you want.

Reason # 5: your money management skills will improve over time. You will learn along the way and discover new skills. Keep focusing your attention on what is important to keep improving your money management skills.

Learn the money management skills. It is what you know and what you do with what you know that is your greatest wealth. It is what you do not know that is your greatest risk. What you do not know will cost you money. Always be eager to learn. Keep learning and implement what you have learned.

Reason # 6: your financial intelligence and confidence will increase and you will start seeing opportunities. Be grateful for all the opportunities that show into your life.

Reason # 7: you will have insight how you are doing this month compared to last month in your finances by comparing the Excel sheet of this monthly income and expenses with the Excel sheet of last month.

Form the habit of taking daily actions to carry you one step closer to your financial freedom. Make financial decisions that are in your best interest.

For your financial success!


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