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Shadeska Nicolina, International Public Speaker and Author of the book ’37 Powerful ways to great lifestyle & financial security’

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Picture: Shadeska Nicolina speaking in front of 1.500 people from 41 different countries at the Ritz Calton in Orlando, Florida.


Picture: Shadeska Nicolina shared the same stage with World’s #1 Wealth Coach, JT Foxx, George Ross, former right hand man of USA President elect Donald Trump for 42 years and now right hand man of JT Foxx, celebrity apprentice judge & bestselling author, Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Norcross and many other successful entrepreneurs at the Ritz Calton in Orlando, Florida.


Picture: Shadeska Nicolina shared the same stage with World’s #1 Weath Coach JT Foxx, Robert Kyosaki, the Author of #1 Personal Finance Book of all time “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Kim Kyosaki, the Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Inventor and Lady Michelle Mone Obe, Renowned Global Speaker, Entrepreneur and Women’s Fashion Advocate at the National Achievers Congress in Amsterdam RAI.

Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Your Passive Income Coach is the authority on providing high-quality passive income coaching to empower people who trade their time for money to create multiple streams of income; grow their finances; pursue new growth opportunities; and achieve financial freedom while realizing their highest potential.

As Senior Managing Partner of Your Passive Income Coach, Shadeska Nicolina has a track record of bringing positive changes to countless lives with her broad spectrum of financial knowledge and experience.

Shadeska is a member of the worldwide business network The Intelligent Millionaires Network. The network is about elevating all members to the next level and increasing their net worth.

Her impressive qualification includes graduation in Business and Economics and a post master degree as a Chartered Accountant from the prestigious University Of Maastricht.

She has studied practical psychology as well. Born on 22nd March, Shadeska calls Curaçao her home, a breathtaking island in the Caribbean. Curaçao is part of the Royal Dutch Kingdom and this is where Shadeska spent her tender years.


Picture: Vanilla Ice of the hit song Ice Ice Baby, Shadeska Nicolina and JT Foxx, World’s #1 Wealth Coach


Picture: Top rapper 50 Cent, Shadeska Nicolina and JT Foxx, World’s #1 Wealth Coachme-01-george-ross-065

Picture: JT Foxx World’s #1 Wealth Coach, Shadeska Nicolina and George Ross former right hand man of USA President elect Donald Trump for 42 years and now right hand man of JT Foxx, celebrity apprentice judge & bestselling author


Picture: Its an honour to receive this great endorsement on my Dutch Orange Power JT Foxx tie from the World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach, JT Foxx. Thank you for the amazing endorsement. I appreciate everything you and your amazing organization do for me.

Currently living in Venice of the North, Amsterdam, she is gifted with financial knowledge and has set the wheels in motion for several individuals to claim financial freedom.

Your Passive Income Coach is Shadeska’s brainchild created with the goal of promoting education on creating multiple streams of income to help individuals become financially empowered. By enriching their financial knowledge, Shadeska help individuals secure the financial freedom they seek in life.

Sports fascinate Shadeska and they are her favorite past-time too. Week after week, she practices xcore, body pump or combat training. For her, sports play a pivotal role in life. She firmly believes that when your physical and emotional health is in top condition, they can serve as the foundation of success for anyone and everyone.

Shadeska is an inspiration to millions. With her positive attitude towards life, she meets any challenges life throws her way halfway. She has trained her mind for success and believes in the philosophy that with the power of love, it is possible to conquer the world.

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shadeska nicolina JT Foxx George Ross

Picture: Michelle Mone is a Scottish entrepreneur and former model. She is CEO of MJM International Ltd, which owns the Ultimo brand and Shadeska Nicolina.


Picture: John Travolta famous actor, Shadeska Nicolina and JT Foxx, World’s #1 Wealth Coach

Education on Creating Multiple Streams of Income – To Get Past Any Challenge

Shadeska asserts the importance of education on creating multiple streams of income because she acknowledges that in the wake of recent economic meltdown, only education can help an individual get past those barriers that stand between him and his financial freedom.

When you understand your finances in and out, you know what it takes to break through financial limitations in a powerful and potent manner. Shadeska’s vision is that each individual is the driver of his own financial future and to bring improvements in financial well-being, it is crucial to add education on creating multiple streams of income.

When individuals strive to acquire education on creating multiple streams of income, they soon decipher the code to excel at money management, discover what it takes to always keep finances on track and to achieve financial freedom.

Education on Creating Multiple Streams of Income – A Short Term Effort Promising Long-Term Results

Education on creating multiple streams of income is important not because it helps you control your purse strings in a more effective and realistic manner but because it influences your mindset of dealing with money. It is only through education on creating multiple streams of income that individuals master money management and make practical decisions to live a more fulfilling life.

nidoPicture: Dr. Nido Qubein, President of High Point University, Shadeska Nicolina and JT Foxx, World’s #1 Wealth Coach


Picture: Shadeska Nicolina and Hugh Hilton, master of turning many businesses around 

Shadeska en Stedman

Picture: Shadeska Nicolina and Stedman Graham (educator, author, businessman, speaker and partner of Oprah Winfrey) 

Education on Creating Multiple Streams of Income – The Synonym for Financial Freedom

Shadeska’s singular aim in life is to promote education on creating multiple streams of income that allows individuals to make rewarding decisions when it comes to finances in any area of life. She believes it instills the confidence in individuals that stops them from feeling doubtful about executing any multiple streams of income plans.

If you are educated on multiple streams of income, you will acknowledge and embrace opportunities to generate multiple streams of income that will eventually put you on the road to financial freedom.

Education is power. Join hands with Shadeska, learn your finances inside out and become a part of the on-going education on creating multiple streams of income plan to stay on top of your money matters.

Picture: It’s an honour to have won the Innovative Business Award. The Minister of Education, Marylin Alcala Walle, of my home island Curaçao was the representative of Curaçao, Eunice Eisden, acting minister plenipotentiary of Curaçao and Anthony Begina minister plenipotentiary of Curaçao in Holland were also at the business award. Thank you John Leerdam of OCAN and his amazing team for organizing this great business award. Thank you also to JT Foxx and his amazing organization for all the valuable and life changing coachings.

Shadeska Nicolina and Robert Kyosaki

Picture: Shadeska Nicolina and Robert Kiyosaki (entrepreneur & bestselling author)


Picture: Johanna Mukoki accountant and co-founder of the company Travel with Flair which has over 800 employers and Shadeska Nicolina

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By Saskia on 1 December 2011

Hi Shadeska!

I have seen the joy in your eyes and your dedication to make your dreams come true. Good to see that you share your journey and knowledge with others. Lots of success with this new venture.


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